Microcred Bank Madagascar : opening of the Ambatolampy outlet

2015-06-17 15:13:58
The Ambatolampy outlet opened its doors on June 15th, 2015. Located on nationale 7, at the heart of the city, near our competition, and near the mar[...]

Microcred Bank Madagascar : opening of the Ambilobe branch

2015-06-17 15:10:54
The 32th implantation of Microcred Bank Madagascar opened its doors on Monday 1st, 2015, in Ambilobe, North of the country. Located between Diego and[...]

Award presentation of the MBM Student Challenge

2015-06-17 14:40:26
What is the best way to improve rural development by making one bank close and available for everybody ? It's the challenge MBM decided to achieve wit[...]

Microcred Bank Madagascar gains access to the clearing house

2015-06-17 12:23:10
June 1st, 2015 : It's done !!! After months of hard work, MBM gained access to the clearing house and became a true Malagasy Bank. MBM can, from now [...]

Microcred Côte d'Ivoire opens the Abobo branch

2015-06-03 14:51:30
The seventh branch of Microcred Côte d’Ivoire opened on Monday 18th May, 2015 in the city of Abobo. Located on the main street, between the Saint-J[...]

the 10,000th client of Microcred Mali !!!

2015-06-03 14:44:39
Microcred Mali reached 10,000 clients in less than 18 months of activities, demonstrating how much the people of Mali trusts us. To mark this occasio[...]

Microcred Sichuan exchanges with Indian Microfinance Institutions

2015-06-03 14:22:51
Mr. Fujun Jiang, COO of Microcred Sichuan, on behalf of the company, participated in a group visit to India from May 4th to 8th, 2015, upon the invita[...]

Microcred Nanchong at the Responsible Finance International Workshop 2015

2015-06-03 13:41:36
The CEO and the SPM coordinator of Microcred Nanchong were invited to attend the Responsible Finance International Workshop 2015 held by IFC and Peopl[...]

The "Sticker Challenge" of Microcred Côte d’Ivoire

2015-06-03 12:09:02
From April 1st to April 15th 2015, the Marketing Department of Microcred Côte d’Ivoire organized a race called the « Sticker Challenge ». The o[...]

Marketing seminar in Sichuan

2015-05-11 13:34:36
Microcred Sichuan marketing priority of 2015 is to improve its notoriety. To get the best ideas of the front-line staff, the Marketing Department orga[...]

Meet our clients in Senegal

2015-05-07 17:25:09
At the end of April, during two weeks, a dozen of promotion agents from Microcred were wandering the streets of Dakar. They distributed flyers and goo[...]

Ben Arous is the second branch of Microcred Tunisie

2015-05-07 17:19:18
A few days ago, Microcred Tunisie opened its second branche in the Governorate of Ben Arous, south of Tunis. Situated in the most popular street of th[...]

Official Inauguration of the Bouaké branch in Côte d'Ivoire

2015-05-07 17:11:31
The 7th branch of Microcred  Côte d’Ivoire was inaugurated on April 29, 2015.  Microcred invited representatives from the local authorities inclu[...]

The new institutional brochure of Microcred

2015-04-30 13:10:28
It's here ! The new institutional brochure of Microcred is available. Check it right now. [...]

Microcred Senegal : Annual Staff Meeting

2015-04-13 11:40:40
On Saturday February 21, 2015, Microcred Senegal organized the annual staff meeting hosted by the CEO, Ruben Dieudonné, at the Grand Théâtre Nation[...]

Microcred Nanchong : 5th Annual Meeting of Financial Institutions

2015-04-08 17:33:39
This reunion was held in Beijing on March 28 and 29, 2015. This year’s theme was « How to create a new ecology in the microfinance sector ». Micr[...]

Microcred Mali : 1st Edition of the Microcred Trail

2015-04-08 17:28:36
On Saturday March 7, 2015, Microcred Mali, with the participation of the Mali Athletism Federation, organized the first edition of the Microcred Trail[...]

Microcred Senegal : Annual Staff Meeting

2015-04-08 17:21:11
On Saturday February 21, 2015, Microcred Senegal organized the annual staff meeting hosted by the CEO, Ruben Dieudonné, at the Grand Théâtre Nation[...]

Microcred's Capital Increase

2015-03-23 12:13:05

Microcred Madagascar launches its new credit cards

2015-03-04 13:52:05
It's a little revolution in Madagascar : clients of Microcred Bank Madagascar are now able to withdrawal money from 19 Automatic-Teller Machines in Ta[...]

Microcred Tunisie at the Start-Up show of Tunis

2015-03-03 18:53:17
On the occasion of the launch of our new start-up product, IRAGA (willingness), for young entrepreneurs, Microcred Tunisie took part of the Salon Entr[...]

Annual Meeting for Microcred Nanchong

2015-03-03 18:22:50
Microcred Nanchong was also gathering its employees and their families on the occasion of the Chinese New Year's party. Here are the pictures of the e[...]

The new colors of Microcred Côte d'Ivoire Headquarters

2015-02-23 14:38:49
A few days ago, the Headquarters of Microcred Côte d'Ivoire were decorated with the new colors of Microcred. Here is the final result : [gallery lin[...]

Annual Meeting of Microcred Sichuan

2015-02-23 14:07:29
Happy New Year! It’s the best famous words this evening of Feb 5th, 2015, as all Microcred Sichuan’s colleagues gathered in the Rhombus Hotel to c[...]

Staff Day for Microcred Mali

2015-02-23 13:25:54
On Sunday February 8th, 2015, Microcred Mali was organizing a day of entertainment and sharing with the presentation of the new brand. This event too[...]

Clients appreciation in Nigeria

2015-02-10 12:35:25
The Central branch of Microcred Nigeria on 30th January, 2015 appreciated some of its clients who distinguished themselves by way of good savings port[...]

Human Resources Survey Sensitization in Nigeria

2015-02-10 12:16:59
Between the 26th and 30th of January, 2015, MCN Human Resources Manager, Mistura Oyekola visited MCN branches to sensitize on the need and benefits fo[...]

Microcred Tunisia in the streets of Tunis

2015-01-22 13:51:17
While Microcred Tunisia was officially inaugurated, a targeted poster campaign was launched in the streets of Tunis through 10-square-meter and 2-squa[...]

Human Resources and Formation Seminar in Dakar

2014-12-18 16:51:49
From 8 to 12 December 2014, 15 employees of Microcred in France and Africa were gathered in Dakar, Senegal. The Heads of Human Resources and Formation[...]

Team building session in Côte d'Ivoire

2014-12-18 16:18:32
Microcred Côte d’Ivoire organized a Team building session held on Saturday December 6th. This session wad the perfect occasion to present the new b[...]

Microcred Tunisia : Official inauguration

2014-12-17 18:26:14
Read the Press Release.        [gallery link="file" orderby="rand"][...]

Microcred Senegal : Launching of a new Client Relations Center

2014-12-08 18:32:11
November was the month choosen to officially launch Microcred Senegal's Client Relations Center. This center is a true innovation and will be develope[...]

Microcred Côte d'Ivoire : Launch of a new product, School Loans

2014-12-08 18:02:20
In order to answer our clients’ needs, we decided to expand our credit offering with a new product : the school loan, launched at the beginning of t[...]

Lauch of the solar lamp Little Sun in Microcred Sénégal

2014-12-08 17:21:49
This november, as part of its objective to promote renewable energies, Microcred Senegal starts selling Little Sun sunlamps ! A test-run will take pla[...]

Wall papers ready to be download

2014-12-01 14:55:08
Several new wall papers are available for downloading. If you want to download one of these images, right-click it and select "open in a new tab" then[...]

Microcred Nigeria : Inter-Branch Football Competition

2014-11-26 17:28:38
The 2014 Inter-Branch football competition kicked off on the 14th of November with Kachia and Kawo Branches. The competition was a frenzy as each bran[...]

Microcred Nigeria : Focus Group Meeting with Clients at Kafanchan Branch

2014-11-26 17:07:08
On the 1st of November, 2014 the Marketing Officer, Gbemiga Oyebisi organized a Focus Group meeting with clients of Kafanchan Branch. Clients were inv[...]

Microcred Sichuan : Visit of Chengdu Deputy Mayor

2014-11-25 11:26:49
November 19, 2014, Chengdu Executive Deputy Mayor, Mr. Zhihong Zhu, paid a visit to Microcred Sichuan Head Quarter, for getting the first hand informa[...]

Microcred Sichuan : Exchange Program with Microcred Nanchong

2014-11-24 18:52:51
As the first subsidiary of Microcred Group in China, Microcred Nanchong has made great achievements in the past years, together with much precious exp[...]

Arnaud Ventura in China

2014-11-24 16:17:39
As part of the « Young Leaders » program, the France China Foundation, which Arnaud Ventura is one of the co-founders, organized a trip in Hangzhou[...]

National Days of craft and SMEs in Abidjan

2014-11-21 18:48:19
National Days of craft and SMEs took place in Abidjan between 16 and 18 October 2014, organized by the SMEs Ivory Coast Federation and chaired by the [...]

Opening of the Fort-Dauphin branch in Madagascar

2014-11-21 18:15:33
The 27th branch of Microcred Bank Madagascar started its operational activities on the 17th of November 2014, in the city of Fort Dauphin located in A[...]

Microcred Tunisie starts its operations !

2014-11-21 17:03:54
Microcred Tunisie began its operational activities on 3rd November 2014 with the opening of its first branch, after having obtained the regulatory app[...]

Human Resources Announcement - Fajun Wang

2014-03-17 17:15:09
MicroCred Sichuan is pleased to announce the appointment of Fajun Wang on January 1st as Chief Executive Officer. January 2014 Fajun WangChief Execu[...]

Human Resources Announcement - Fajun Wang

2014-01-29 12:29:20
MicroCred Sichuan is pleased to announce the appointment of Fajun Wang on January 1st as Chief Executive Officer. January 2014 Fajun WangChief Exe[...]

Human Resources Announcement - Paul Osezua

2014-01-29 12:26:39
MicroCred Senegal is pleased to announce the appointment of Paul Osezua on November 5th as Senior Business Analyst. November 2013 Paul OsezuaSenio[...]

Human Resources Announcement - Nancy Herimamisoa

2014-01-29 12:26:12
MicroCred Tunisie is pleased to announce the appointment of Nancy Herimamisoa on February 3rd as Deputy Chief Financial Officer. February 2014 Nanc[...]

Human Resources Announcement - Lianggang He

2014-01-29 12:25:03
MicroCred China is pleased to announce the appointment of Lianggang He on January 1st as Directeur des Opérations Régional. January 2014 Lianggang[...]

Human Resources Announcement - Marème Sène

2014-01-29 12:21:17
MicroCred Senegal is pleased to announce the appointment of Marème Sène on December 1st as Director of distribution alternative channel. Janvier[...]

Human Resources Announcement - Laura Munoz

2014-01-29 12:20:58
MicroCred Senegal is pleased to announce the appointment of Laura Munoz on January 13th as Development Director. January 2014 Laura MunozDevelopmen[...]

MicroCred Holding raises €5.1M

2014-01-28 13:21:39
MicroCred Holding raises €5.1M MicroCred Holding, a microfinance investment company launched in 2005, has raised a total of EUR 5.1 million thro[...]

An innovation in Madagascar: mobile banking

2013-10-14 17:45:34
The first mobile branch for MicroCred Madagascar began operations September 2013, 23th.A truck converted into MicroCred branch will roam around Antana[...]

Human Resources Announcement Naïma Bolho

2013-10-01 16:57:22
MicroCred Holding is pleased to announce the appointment of Naïma Bolho on October 1st as Internal Auditor at MicroCred Holding. October 2013 Naï[...]

Appointment of Mark Flaming as MicroCred Group Chief Operations Officer

2013-09-21 14:35:11
MicroCred is pleased to announce the appointment of Mark Flaming as Chief Operating Officer of MicroCred Holding as of October 2013, 1st.  Mark ha[...]

Human Resources Announcement Elli Nikolaou

2013-09-02 17:10:53
MicroCred Holding is pleased to announce the appointment of Eli Nikolaou on September 2013, 2nd as MicroCred Holding Social Performance Management Coo[...]

Donation activity in Yaan

2013-08-13 22:09:09
On April 20th, 2013, Lushan (located in Yaan, Sichaun Province) suffered a 7.0-magnitude earthquake and the hit pollution was 383,000, which touched h[...]

Human Resources Announcement - Morgan Mistralli

2013-07-30 10:55:12
MicroCred Holding is pleased to announce the appointment of Morgan Mistralli as Personal Assistant at MicroCred Holding. Juillet 2013 Morgan Mistral[...]

Human Resources Announcement - Yoann Guirimand

2013-07-23 11:26:12
MicroCred S.A. is pleased to announce the appointment of Yoann Guirimand as Chief Information Officer at MC Holding. Yoann Guirimand Chief Informatio[...]

The MicroCred Sénégal head office relocated

2013-04-24 15:46:48
New address for the head office in a larger building. On the February 25, MicroCred Sénégal join his new premises at point E, the old head office[...]

Opening of the MicroCred Ziginchor branch in Senegal

2013-04-24 15:31:42
An official ceremony was held for this opening with the authorities of the city. A cocktail party followed the event.  [...]

MicroCred Senegal put women in the spotlight on march 8 and celebrate for the international women's day

2013-04-24 15:28:50
MicroCred Senegal always encouraged and will never stop to encourage the advancement of women inside MicroCred staff. MicroCred Senegal fight agains[...]

A new branch opened in Madagascar!

2013-04-18 10:54:52
 Opening of a new branch  for MicroCred Madagascar which was officially launched on Monday 8th April 2013 in Ambanja. The launch of the branch in[...]

MicroCred Sichuan Training

2013-04-17 15:16:10
 From Feb. 18th to 20th, 33 management staff, key staff and high potential staff of MicroCred Sichuan were gathered together in a local hotel to atte[...]

First Client Thanks Meeting of MicroCred Sichuan

2013-04-17 13:58:24
 On March 30th, Saturday, Shuangliu Outlet and Huayang Outlet held their first and joint Client Thanks Meeting in 2013 in a local rural restaurant. [...]

2012 Best Microcredit Company Award

2013-04-17 11:17:02
Both MicroCred Sichuan and MicroCred Nanchong was awarded Sichuan 2012 Best Microcredit Company by Sichuan Microcredit Companies Association.   O[...]

MicroCred Nanchong got Foreign Debt Quota!

2013-04-14 10:20:06
The Foreign Debt Quota is reached. MicroCred Nanchong was approved to increase its total investment up to RMB 300MM. In another word, the Company, wi[...]

Annual trip for MicroCred Madagascar

2013-02-02 17:06:00
The annual trip which includes all MicroCred Madagascar staff, took place in February 2, 2013. This event was celebrated under the theme of "team spir[...]

Press conference on the MicroCred Tunisie project

2013-01-28 22:01:55
On Thursday, 17 Jan 2013, the European Union delegation and MicroCred met in Tunis to sign a €1.8m subsidy contract for the upcoming creation of Mic[...]

MicroCred Nanchong's fifth anniversary

2013-01-25 13:24:07
MicroCred Nanchong 2012 annual meeting was held on January 25, 2013. At the meeting, staff  representatives gave speeches and some department le[...]

Opening Ceremony for Longquan Outlet

2013-01-18 18:59:00
On January 18th, 2013, MicroCred Sichuan held its official opening ceremony for its sixth distribution point -  Longquan Outlet.  With the joinin[...]

Human Resources Announcement - Anne Delvern

2013-01-18 13:56:56
MicroCred Holding is pleased to announce the appointment of Anne Delvern as Development Director for MicroCred Madagascar on February 1st. Anne Delve[...]

Human Resources Announcement - Yann Baku

2013-01-18 13:55:17
MicroCred Holding is pleased to announce the appointment of Yann Baku Maduda as MC Holding Human Resources Specialist on January 9th. Yann Baku Madud[...]

MicroCred entered Top 100 MFIs in China again !

2013-01-10 12:29:20
 The 3rd MFIs Annual conference, titled “Responsible Finance”, was held in Beijing on Tuesday 8 January 2013, an event which gathering regulator[...]

Report of Singapore Morning News on MicroCred Sichuan

2012-12-12 12:56:26
On January 09th, 2013, Lianhe Zaobao Website of Singapore (Singapore Morning News) published a report on MicroCred Sichuan after interviewing the CEO,[...]

Social reintegration project for a Madagascan family

2012-11-28 22:04:30
Within the framework of its mission to foster social and economic development in the country, MicroCred Banque Madagascar decided in 2012 to support[...]

Human Resources Announcement Adil Falgata

2012-11-27 15:49:11
MicroCred is pleased to announce the appointment of Adil Falgata on November 15th as Deputy Chief Officer. Adil FALGATA Deputy Chief Officer, Mic[...]

MicroCred Nigeria helps an orphanage

2012-11-20 13:40:33
As part of its social responsibility, the institution donated items to an orphanage. On August 20, 25 staff members were present at the orphanage on [...]

MicroCred Sénégal launched new savings plans

2012-11-20 13:39:17
The institution provides 4 new savings products (Khaleyi, Studies, Project and Housing) in order to better meet theclients' needs. [...]

MIS migration for MicroCred Madagascar

2012-11-20 12:37:56
The new MIS version will improve the business process, the security and the deployment of new technologies for a system closer to clients' needs. [...]

Development of MicroCred Sénégal network:

2012-11-20 11:56:40
New branch opening in Saint-Louis, North Senegal. The branch opened in July 2012 is situated in the very center of Saint-Louis and is composed of 14 [...]

Visit of Mr. Jacques Attali at MicroCred Côte d'Ivoire

2012-10-30 19:35:48
On October 29, 2012, MicroCred Côte d'Ivoire received Mr. Jacques Attali, President of the Supervisory Board of MicroCred. The program of the day was[...]

Nomination Marcel Lewandowski

2012-10-29 16:30:36
MicroCred S.A. se félicite de la nomination de Marcel Lewandowski le 22 octobre au poste de Directeur Stratégie de MicroCred China. Novembre 2012 [...]

Dernières nominations - Novembre 2012

2012-10-29 12:08:33
MicroCred S.A. se félicite de la nomination de : Michelet Beaubrun le 4 novembre 2012 au poste de Directeur Général Adjoint en charge des Opératio[...]

Appointments - November 2012

2012-10-25 12:33:43
MicroCred Holding is pleased to announce the assignment of : Michelet Beaubrun as Deputy Chief Executive Officer in charge of Operations of MicroCred [...]

Appointment of Michelet Beaubrun

2012-10-15 16:27:46
MicroCred Holding is pleased to announce the assignment of : Michelet Beaubrun as Deputy Chief Executive Officer in charge of Operations of MicroCred [...]

Nomination - Michelet Beaubrun

2012-10-15 16:24:50
MicroCred S.A. se félicite de la nomination de Michelet Beaubrun le 4 novembre 2012 au poste de Directeur Général Adjoint en charge des Opérations[...]

2011 annual reports available

2012-10-12 10:50:40
MicroCred Group is glad to share with you its 2011 annual reports. Click here for the MicroCred Group annual report. Click here for the MicroCred Ba[...]

Appointment of Marcel Lewandowski

2012-10-02 16:33:11
MicroCred S.A. is pleased to announce the assignment of Marcel Lewandowski as Strategy Director of MicroCred China. November 2012 Marcel Lewandowski[...]

MIS Maintenance & Support Department

2012-10-02 15:48:36
This department is based in Dakar within MicroCred Sénégal. The team, under the responsibility of Marc-Achille H. Gueye is composed of four engineer[...]

Le département Maintenance et Support MIS

2012-10-02 15:47:37
Ce département est basé à Dakar dans les locaux de MC Sénégal. L’équipe, placée sous la responsabilité de Marc Achille H. Gueye, est compos[...]

Appointments - MicroCred Sénégal: Hélène Marquis & Jean-Baptiste Saurat

2012-10-01 16:37:41
MicroCred S.A. is pleased to announce the assignment of Hélène Marquis as Deputy Chief Financial Officer of MicroCred Sénégal and Jean Baptiste Sa[...]

Nomination MicroCred Sénégal: Hélène Marquis & Jean-Baptiste Saurat

2012-10-01 16:37:25
MicroCred S.A. se félicite de la nomination d'Hélène Marquis le 1er septembre 2012 en tant que Directrice Administrative et Financière Adjointe et[...]

Stagiaire ressources humaines : Valérie Girault

2012-10-01 15:41:42
MicroCred Holding se félicite du recrutement de Valérie Girault en stagiaire RH au sein de MicroCred Holding.  Novembre 2012 Valérie Girault - S[...]

Lastest Nominations - September / October 2012

2012-09-25 13:00:48
MicroCred Holding is pleased to announce the assignment of Joel Epstein as Board  Member of MicroCred China;  Jean Analdo Armand as Chief Operation[...]

Shuangliu and Huayang branches will be moved

2012-07-30 12:09:32
Shuangliu and Huayang branches will be moved to new local The Shuangliu branch will be moved to the new office on July 3rd, and the Huayang branch wi[...]

Inauguration of the Fianarantsoa branch

2012-07-26 10:45:30
On Monday, 23, July was inaugurated the opening of the Fianarantsoa branch in Madagascar. We mentioned last week the imminent opening of the sixteen[...]

Opening of the Fianarantsoa branch in Madagascar

2012-07-20 12:12:40
On July 23 will be inaugurated the opening of the Fianarantsoa branch in Madagascar. Monday, July 23, will face the opening of the sixteenth branch o[...]

The MicroCred Group celebrates its results

2012-07-18 12:51:11
The MicroCred Group celebrates its results: more than EUR 100 millions of loans portfolio. Paris, july 2012 At June 2012, MicroCred Group is proud t[...]

Strategic Seminar

2012-07-17 18:02:50
The MicroCred Strategic Seminar was held in Paris on June 21 and 22. 22 participants (CEO, CFO and Holding Managers) attended the MicroCred Group’[...]

Latest Nominations

2012-07-17 18:01:34
MicroCred Holding is pleased to announce the assignment of Paul Karsenti as Marketing Project Officer within the Commercial and Marketing department [...]

Microfinance Banks to Adopt IFRS

2012-07-17 17:59:02
Microfinance banks are in line with IFRS. Operators of microfinance banks (MFBs) are striving to adopt the International Financial Reporting Standard[...]

SMS & Mobile Banking

2012-07-17 17:20:30
Recession in the economy has forced banking institutions and other economical industry to seek different ways in which they can increase their busin[...]

MCN generation “2” celebrates!

2012-07-11 12:45:41
The 2nd generation of MicroCred Nigeria employees marked their 2nd year anniversary on the 6th of June, 2012. The program which was anchored by Dani[...]

New Branch Manager

2012-06-25 12:27:15
Appointment of the first Branch Manager issued from the first generation of Commercial Officers from MicroCred Côte d'Ivoire. Appointment of the fir[...]

Inauguration ceremony of the new branch in Koumassi - MicroCred Côte d'Ivoire

2012-06-08 15:03:59
On June 7, 2012 was inaugurated the Koumassi branch of MicroCred Côte d'Ivoire, which is currently the biggest branch of the MicroCred Group! The in[...]

Launch of the MicroCred credit card

2012-06-08 14:50:46
MicroCred Côte d'Ivoire will launch on June 18, 2012, the first VISA International credit card of MicroCred Group, co branded BICICI - MicroCred. [...]

Tender won for Tunisia

2012-06-07 10:54:10
MicroCred won the tender of the European Commission for the creation of a microfinance institution in Tunisia. [...]

hIT Team - Daniel Dieme

2012-06-06 10:24:26
MicroCred S.A. is pleased to announce the assignment of Daniel Dieme as Application Development Senior Officer of MicroCred as of  June 3th. Jun[...]

Opening of Tulear branch - MicroCred Madagascar

2012-06-05 10:25:36
On June 4, 2012, MicroCred Madagascar opened a new branch in Tulear. Just opened, Tulear branch received over 1,000 visits and more than 300 loan app[...]

Reward for MicroCred Sichuan

2012-06-02 17:55:04
On May, 22nd, 2012 Sichuan SME Financing Summit was organized and held by West China City Daily in Chengdu. During the summit, MicroCred Sichuan was a[...]

Media Monitors thank MicroCred Nigeria

2012-06-01 17:32:09
MicroCred Nigeria receives award from Media Monitors! In recognition of MicroCred Nigeria’s services in providing for the unserved and underserved [...]

Increase of cumulative disbursements for MicroCred Côte d'Ivoire

2012-05-30 17:17:17
The cumulative disbursements of MicroCred Côte d’Ivoire topped 10 billion FCFA on May 23! Thank you all for your contribution to the great result.[...]

Football tournament in Madagascar

2012-05-30 17:06:25
The First edition of the interagency football tournament ran successfully during Thursday, May 17, 2012 at the Ankorondrano indoor gymnasium. This i[...]

Supervisory Board in Dakar

2012-05-29 12:37:42
The MicroCred Supervisory Board was held for the first time in MicroCred Sénégal on May 25. Jacques Attali and other Supervisory Board members cam[...]

IT Team - Youssef Fekrane

2012-05-29 11:05:24
MicroCred S.A. is pleased to have in its ranks Youssef Fekrane as Application Support Officer of MicroCred. May 2013 Youssef Fekrane - Applicat[...]

IT Team - Yannick Messan Johnson

2012-05-29 11:05:07
MicroCred S.A. is pleased to have in its ranks Yannick Messan Johnson as Application Support Officer of MicroCred. May 2013 Yannick Messan Johnso[...]

IT Team - Marc Achille Henri Gueye

2012-05-29 11:04:45
MicroCred S.A. is pleased to have in its ranks Marc Achille Henri Gueye as Head of Maintenance and Support of MicroCred. May 2013 Marc Achille H[...]

IT Team - Mamadou Salif Souare

2012-05-29 11:04:16
MicroCred S.A. is pleased to have in its ranks Mamadou Salif Souare as Application Support Officer of MicroCred. May 2013 Mamadou Salif Souare -[...]

IT Team - Pascal Niouma Millimono

2012-05-29 11:03:48
MicroCred S.A. is pleased to announce the assignment of Pascal Niouma Millimono as Application Development Junior Officer of MicroCred. May 2013[...]

Human Resources Announcement - Léonard Martin

2012-05-18 16:52:57
MicroCred S.A. is pleased to announce the appointment Léonard Martin as Communication Officer - WebDesigner. Léonard Martin - MicroCred Holding Co[...]

MicroCred Côte d'Ivoire thanks its customers

2012-05-11 12:17:39
MicroCred Côte d’Ivoire welcomes the loyalty of its customers.. MicroCred Côte d’Ivoire held a ceremony during which she was awarded its 5,000t[...]

Human Resources Announcement - Hélène Marquis

2012-04-25 17:15:26
MicroCred S.A. is pleased to announce the appointment of Hélène Marquis as Chief Financial Officer of MicroCred Senegal as of  May 1st. April 2[...]

Human Resources Announcement - Murielle Denys

2012-04-24 17:39:36
MicroCred S.A. is pleased to announce the appointment of Murielle Denis as Group Training and Development Manager at MC Holding. Murielle Denys Grou[...]

Flash on Strategic Seminar

2012-04-22 16:22:25
  During three days, the MicroCred team took part of strategic workshops. Key topics were discussed such as Group Strategy, Productivity, trai[...]

Human Ressources Anoucement Jacques Lom

2012-04-17 16:37:27
MicroCred is pleased to announce the appointment of Jacques Lom as Acting Chief Executive Officer of MicroCred Nigeria since march 7, 2013. April 20[...]

Operations seminar in Abidjan.

2012-04-10 12:09:15
This year the Operations Seminar took place in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire. A dozen participants attended to the MicroCred Group’s operation seminar in[...]

Opening of 2 branches, Ambatondrazaka and Tsiromanandidy in Madagascar

2012-03-30 11:54:40
Opening of Ambatondrazaka and Tsiromanandidy branches in the region of Madagascar. Two new branches opened their doors. March 19 was marked by the o[...]

Opening of a new branch in Touba, Senegal

2012-03-19 15:43:31
During the month of March, a branch opened on March 19 in Touba, a religious city, capital of Muridism in a crowded and very dynamic area. [...]

Opening of a new branch in Thiès

2012-03-16 15:42:16
During the month of March, a new branches was opened in Senegal, on March 15 in Thiès, a town at 70km from Dakar. [...]

MicroCred Bank Madagascar celebrates its 5th anniversary

2012-03-08 15:30:53
This January 21 was the largest meeting of the Staff of MicroCred Bank Madagascar since its existence because all the employees and management of our[...]

The Nanbu outlet become a branch

2012-03-08 15:30:22
The Nanbu outlet was transformed into an agency on November 18. On this occassion a grand ceremony was organized with the participation of CE[...]

Partnership with MicroEnergy Credits

2012-03-08 15:29:19
MicroCred concluded on November 15, a partnership with MicroEnergy Credits (CME). MEC, was founded in 2007 in Seattle, is a financial interm[...]

MicroCred Senegal in football final

2012-03-08 15:29:10
MicroCred Senegal participates in the football tournament of microfinance organized bythe Professional Association of decentralized financial sy[...]

Strategic Seminar of Group PlaNet / MicroCred

2011-12-21 13:54:17
120 participants from 28 countries attended the PlaNet Finance Group / MicroCred Group seminar organised in Chateau de Montvillargène in Chantilly. [...]

MicroCred Group celebrates its 100,000th client

2011-10-24 11:19:48
Late September 2011, MicroCred Group is proud to announce that it has reached the number of 100,000 clients on September 31, 2011.  MicroCred Group [...]

MicroCred Nigeria moves into new office

2011-07-30 15:00:09
MicroCred Nigeria moves its headquarters into new office in July 2011. The new office location is in the Central Business District (CBD) of Kaduna the[...]

2010 Annual Report

2011-07-26 15:35:36
MicroCred is glad to share with you its 2010 Annual Reports: MicroCred Holding, MicroCred Sénégal, MicroCred Nanchong and MicroCred Nigéria are a[...]

2010, a year of Growth for MicroCred Group

2011-03-08 12:49:22
Paris, March 1st, 2011 2010, a year of Growth : Strengthening of operational efficiencyStrong financial structureGrowth of the Financial Results  [...]

Meet with Hajatiana Razafimahatratra, Regional Manager - MicroCred Madagascar

2011-03-06 12:57:49
 RAZAFIMAHATRATRA Hajatiana, 31, has worked at MicroCred over six years. He was hired in September 2006 and initially worked for two years as a comme[...]

Capital increase of MicroCred China

2011-02-23 15:36:29
Successful capital increase of EUR 15MM and 2 new shareholders invest in the capital of MicroCred China. Paris, February 14, 2011 MicroCred announce[...]

Capital increase of MicroCred

2011-02-14 15:36:05
Successful capital increase of EUR 7.3MM: Funds managed by Developing World Markets (including SNS Institutional Microfinance Fund) and AXA Belgium in[...]

Employee development is essential for ensuring sustainable competitiveness

2011-01-29 18:37:29
More than ever, and particularly during these uncertain times, the proficiency of our staff is at the heart of performance. Market pressures demand mo[...]

African Development Bank approves 1.1 million EUR equity

2010-03-24 11:04:16
AfDB Approves € EUR 1.1 Million Equity Investment in MicroCred Cote d’Ivoire. Author Onike Nicol-Houra Date March 24, 2010 Source Website of Af[...]

MicroCred Group officialy launchs operations in Kaduna

2010-03-18 16:05:37
On March 8th, MicroCred Group launched its fifth microfinance institution: MicroCred MFB Nigeria. Paris, March 15, 2010 The investment company Micro[...]

Capital increase of MicroCred S.A.

2010-02-04 16:16:56
The French Development Agency (AFD), European Investment Bank (EIB) and PlaNet Finance invest in the capital of MicroCred S.A. Paris, February 10th, [...]

MicroCred Madagascar Capital increase

2009-10-27 14:44:52
AfricInvest joins MicroCred Holding, BOA and IFC in MicroCred Madagascar’s Capital Structure. Paris, October 22, 2009 On June 15, 2009, the Genera[...]

Annual report 2008

2009-08-10 13:52:32
MicroCred is pleased to share with you its Annual Report 2008. Download our 2008 Annual Report[...]

MicroCred is pleased to present its June results

2008-07-29 14:00:36
Since April 2008, MicroCred put online on the homepage of its website, a monthly report showing results of operations and major events of[...]

A new agency opens its doors

2008-03-21 13:23:28
On February 29th, MicroCred Madagascar inaugurated its 4th agency, in the Tsaralalana district of Antananarivo. This network of local agencies aims at[...]

MicroCred holds Grand Opening Ceremony for MicroCred Nanchong

2007-12-15 13:19:52
MicroCred Holds Grand Opening Ceremony for Microfinance Company in China - MicroCred Nanchong. Nanchong, December 15, 2007 MicroCred, an internation[...]

MicroCred officialy launchs operations in Senegal

2007-11-05 13:06:29
MicroCred Group officially launches operations in Senegal : On September 17th, MicroCred Group launched its third microfinance institution: MicroCred [...]

MicroCred inaugurates first branch of MicroCred Nanchong

2007-10-24 09:37:43
MicroCred Inaugurates First Branch of its Microfinance Company in China - MicroCred Nanchong. Paris, 6 novembre 2007. MicroCred S.A., an internation[...]

Latest nominations

2007-05-02 09:34:26
MicroCred S.A. is pleased to announce the appointment of, Fajun Wang as Chief Financial Officer of MicroCred Nanchong, Sophie Clot as MIS Project Mana[...]

AFD & EIB invest in the capital of MicroCred S.A.

2007-03-22 10:22:50
The French Development Agency (Agence Française de Développement, AFD) and the European Investment Bank (EIB) invest in the capital of MicroCred S.A[...]

Latest nominations

2007-02-28 10:23:19
MicroCred S.A. is pleased to announce new appointments for January 2007, Mr. Jeff D. Ferry who joined MicroCred as Operations Manager, Mr. Habib Attia[...]

MicroCred Group officially inaugurates MicroCred Madagascar

2007-02-08 09:19:54
MicroCred Group officially inaugurates MicroCred Madagascar on February, 7th in Antananarivo ! Antananarivo, February, 9th, 2007 The official inaugu[...]

Bank of Africa (BOA)

2006-12-18 10:20:09
The BOA shows its involvement in microfinance along with MicroCred S.A. by taking stake in the capital of MicroCred Madagascar. Antananarivo, Decembe[...]

Latest nominations

2006-11-10 10:18:41
MicroCred S.A. is pleased to announce the nomination of Sarah Puzzuoli as Development Manager and the one of Bernard Tissot to the position of Develop[...]

Launch of MicroCred Madagascar

2006-11-08 10:17:46
MicroCred group announces the launch of MicroCred Madagascar operations in November 2006 following finalized approval to open a financial institution [...]

MicroCred congratulates Muhammad Yunus and Grameen Bank for their nobel peace prize

2006-10-16 10:17:40
MicroCred congratulates Muhammad Yunus, founder of the Grameen Bank, who has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. New York, Paris, October 16th 2006[...]

Launch of MicroCred

2005-07-04 16:49:54
Société Générale displays its commitment to microfinance alongside with PlaNet Finance by entering the capital of MicroCred (PlaNet Bank project) [...]

MicroCred Capital Increase

2005-06-20 10:08:30
The SFI illustrates its commitment towards microfinance beside PlaNet Finance by entering the capital of MicroCred (PlaNet Bank project). Paris, June[...]